Panama La Huella Red Honey


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We are very lucky to be just one of two roasters in the UK with access to this fantastic coffee. Produced by Pedro and Katrina Moss at their farm, Alta Vista, Canas Verdes.

This is a 100% Catuai grown at 1600m. A red honey process coffee where some of the "honey" is left on the bean. The beans then undergo anaerobic fermentation before being sun dried on raised beds, turned regularly by hand. We medium roasted this and it's very drinkable. Notes of toffee, subtle citrus and vanilla, red fruit aromas. Will work as an espresso and other brew methods.

We have just a limited amount available this season so get in there.

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Beans, AeroPress, Cafetière (plunger), Espresso, Filter, Stove Top


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